Our Foundational Vision

$The casting of our foundational vision for the Freeport Church of God, which was born in a humble church status over 90 years ago, has arrived in the 21st century well intact. The major issues those first founders were committed to in the beginning, we are still committed today: Church growth, Church and community, membership maturity, holiness and service to God.

The fulfillment of our perpetual church vision has over the years: explode into five major functions and commitments. To accomplish our mission and fulfill our vision, Freeport boasts a focus of five areas of ministry. These five areas are: Worship, Fellowship/Membership Care, Discipleship/Education, Ministry gifts, and Evangelism & Mission/Witnessing. These functions under gird our 21st century mission statement “Sharing the hope found in Jesus Christ that makes a difference, transforming lives for the kingdom of God” in retrospect to our visionary builders mandate from God to be a catalyst in the Freeport community and beyond by becoming a biblically functionally community for the divine purpose of community transformation. 

The new millennium brings with it a challenge to the 21st century Freeport COG to grow and disciple new converts and to equip them to full maturity in Christ. As members of Freeport, God has called us to grow and continue to develop our membership, equipped adults, training our youth, and pursuing excellence in all facets in our Ministry; may we be found faithful. We are determined to fulfil our vision; to be a disciple making church, empowering people to experience God and live out their purpose.  To each member of our membership, we thank you for your faithful service, as we are poised in the midst of our celebration year of rest.

Finally, let me, and my wife, First Lady Sheila Banarsee, with the support of my ministry leaders of Freeport COG; applaud the journey of the entire Freeport church family, to a place in history where God has brought us “We have come this far by faith.” With this faith we have blanketed the state of New York and beyond its borders communities and the nation with our trained teachers and lay leaders. With this faith we have impacted the international community with our passion for winning the lost to Christ, and a passion for transforming lives for His kingdom. Thus, establishing works across the world, hence, the footprints of Freeport Church of God Outreach/Evangelism & Mission Ministry is seen far and wide. 

“We press forward to fulfill the purpose” but we know it will include developing our community, assisting students through tutorial ministry, supporting families in distress providing vocational help, evangelizing and disciple duplication, mission and outreach to the lost. 

As Pastor and leader of God’s people, I want to thank each of our lay members, our clergy, our ministry leaders, our children and each family of our church, and last but not least, our faithful volunteers, each of you have made a difference. We have arrived here because you have been faithful in giving your tithes to God, your time to the community and your love and care to one another in spite of the pressure without and within. Many of our faithful members are now ministering in other churches, or working in the vineyards of God around the world. As “we press toward the mark for the prize of a higher calling” we know that the journey has been one with God, and so we continue through the next generations as we pass the torch of faith. “Each One — Win One.” The best is yet to come! 

With Love & Prayers 

Rev. Harold E. Banarsee, Senior Pastor